Katy’s Pets

Hello, these are pictures of all my pets!

The first picture is my fish ‘Tinkerbell’ unfortunately after a rather short time she sadly passed away.

The second picture is of one of my Guinea Pigs ‘Milly’ she is still here now, I love the colour of her fur, that’s one of the things I love about her. Furthermore, every time I pick her up she licks me!

The third photo is of ‘Milly’ and ‘Tilly’. Sadly Tilly passed away in a strange way, when Tilly was about 6 months old she was getting bigger and bigger so we took her to the vets and we took Millly because we thought she was a Billy (a boy)!  When at the vets the vet told us she was pregnant – unfortunately 2 of her 3 babies died … months later we went to see her baby boy but we couldn’t take him home because ‘Milly’ and him would fight! I hope he lives with another happy family now. So after months of leaving her boy she was too young to carry on living.
The other pictures is of ‘Milly’ and ‘Fifi’. After Tilly died Milly wasn’t as jumpy as she used to be so we decided to get her a friend – we came back with ‘Fifi’ and now they are best friends!

by Katy
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12 Responses to Katy’s Pets

  1. Miss Cazneaux says:

    What a fantastic collection of pets! I like how you have included lots of details in your blog about your pets – both past and present. It’s also great to hear what you really love about them. Milly certainly looks very friendly and it’s nice to hear she is settled with her buddy ‘Fifi’.

    I have a few questions. Firstly, how old are your guinea pigs and secondly, what is their favourite food?

  2. Alice M says:

    Hi Katy
    I love the pictures of your pets they are so cute and I love their hairstyles !

  3. Katy M says:

    Thank you!!! well Milly is three years old and Fifi is two years old and there favourite food is any thing dark green:spinach,grass,spring green cabbage,dandelion and lots of hay they are very fussy piggys!!!

  4. Olivia G says:

    They are so cute!
    How long have you had your pets for?
    Also I love the colour of your fish – its so fluorescent!!

  5. Pheobe T says:

    Have you had any more pets, like an other gold fish? If so how long did you have it?

  6. Katy M says:

    Thank You!! i have had one for 3 years and the other one 2 years !!!

  7. Emma R says:

    Do your Guinea Pigs live in a hutch outside or inside? They look so happy together!

  8. Jade R says:

    Your pets are so cute! I love their funky fluffy hair! They look so cosy squashed up to each other!!

  9. Jessica B says:

    I am so sorry that Tinkerbell passed away. I have a cat called Tinkerbell! The Guinea pigs look so cosy together! How long have you had the Guinea pigs for?

  10. Annabelle W says:

    I’m so sorry Tinkerbell and Tilly passed away.

  11. Elise M says:

    I love your guinea pigs they look so warm!

  12. Emily A says:

    How did your fish pass away????
    Was it from:old age,or just normaly dying???????

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