Health Week

In the Lower Juniors today, we will be learning about the effects of exercise on your health. In fact, we have five questions which we need to find the answers to.

Have a look at the fact sheet below which might help!

Monday’s Fact File

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31 Responses to Health Week

  1. Miss Cooper says:

    I really enjoyed working with my team! I never knew that exercise caused your brain to release chemicals which make you feel good inside. Which exercise is your favourite, skipping or running?

  2. Emily H says:

    I really enjoyed working with my team! I didn’t know that if you exercise your muscles will get stronger. what is your favourite exercise?

  3. Rowan B says:

    I really enjoyed learning about parts of the body and how they work.We loved working as a team especially when there was a quiz coming!Do you exersize, and if you do which exersize do you do?

    by Rowan and Violet.

  4. Katelyn.L says:

    I enjoyed working as a team! I have never known that when you exercise, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel good. Do you exercise regularly?

  5. Ethan.B says:

    I enjoyed working in a team and i also lernt more about things about my body! Which exercise is your favourite,football or diving.

  6. James B says:

    I realy realy egoyed working with my team mates.

  7. Amy B says:

    I really enjoyed haveing the experience of being healthy and what it can do to your body.Also I enjoyed being a member of my team.What excersise is your favrouite.

  8. Sulis.H says:

    I really enjoyed working with my group! I found out that your haert pumps 100,000 times a day. Did you like it?

  9. Kyle B says:

    I realy working with my team! did you know your brain sends down a chemicle.which is your favourite,darnenig or running.

  10. Frank W says:

    I enjoyed working as a team with my group! I did not know that when you exercise, your heart pumps blood around your body. What did you like about this lesson?

  11. Ty.W says:

    I had fun doing this with my team. What did you do on your first morning of Health Week?

  12. Katy W says:

    I really enjoyed working as a team! I had a lot of fun! But I would not have had fun at all if my team had not been there for me. I did not know, before now, that when you exercise, your brain releases chemicals called endolphines that make you feel good. Which exercise do you prefer, swimming or cycling?

  13. Lily R says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I did not know that when you exercise you brain preduced a chemicel which makes the pain of exercise go away!!how do bodys do that?!

  14. Archie G says:

    I really loved finding out what happens to your body when you exersise. Did you?

  15. Violet.E says:

    I like swiming more than skipping but I do like swiming .What adout runing and boxing?

  16. Kate P says:

    I really enjoyed working today on health week.I have learnt that the brain relises a chemicail called indoorphines.What is your favorite exercise?

  17. Ethan.P says:

    I had lots of fun working with my team!I was quite surprised that our brain poured chemicals into our bodies. Do you exercise?

  18. Maddie.B says:

    Today we are learning how to keep fit and healthy. what is your best excersize?

  19. Elissa F says:

    Wow isant Health week going to be so much fun .I already know a fact that you need to do 30 minutes of exercise three times a week .Would you like to make a differance this week?

  20. James A says:

    My favourite is running because you burn more calories which means you’ll be feeling good in yourself from endorphins [chemicals]. I can’t wait for more intresting facts.

  21. Daisy H says:

    Wow this week is amazing! Health week is really fun because the lower juniors had arnwood come in and do some excise!

  22. Bethany T says:

    My favourite exercise was running.Today year 3,4 went in the hall and done PE with arnwood it was realy fun but saddly after my leg was realy hearting but that shows my mucels are working.What was youre faveourite exercise. 🙂

  23. Lucie G says:

    I really enjoyed working in my soal group we enchived a pb at our score!Also I loved the circuit me and my team mates worked really well I liked the bestthe Plank and basecly you go down on your arms and then put your boady like a bridge its soooo much fun!Have you ever hade a go at doing this sport?If not have a go!!

  24. Katie W says:

    I really enjoyed our day on health week and loved working with my team mates Gaby and Freddie. My favroute part of the day was looking at the fact file on the netbook because we learnt lots about how to keep your body healthy and fit. It was very exiting when Mrs Phillips annonced that we were gonna be making leaf lets and some are gonna go in te hordle pharmacy! I am so exited aboutwriting te leaf lets. I wonder if mine will get chosen?

  25. Jasmine B says:

    I relly enjoy learning about heathy week it was fun.

  26. Lily D says:

    I enjoyed working in groups of four and seeing how many star jumps and all diffarent things we could do with my patner i liked that they could give up their spare time.

  27. Miss Cazneaux says:

    Wow Lower Juniors! It sounds like you have really learnt a lot about exercise and Science today. It’s clear that you have learnt some fascinating facts, including that the heart beats over 100,000 times a day! WOW! I’m impressed to hear you’ve learnt all about endorphins and chemicals in your brain too. It’s very exciting and I agree with Lily – how do our bodies do that?

  28. Stephanie F says:

    It sure sounds like you had great fun! Just like you, we are creating leaflets! However, our leaflets aren’t going in the Hordle Pharmacy, ours are going in Dr Watson’s surgery. In addition, the Racing Writers group interviewed Dr Watson himself to write a biography on his medical life. We learnt some very inspiring storys, as well as learning about how he uses our Hordle learning powers in his job today!

  29. Oliver.R says:

    I was really nervous when I performed jia how . Were you?

  30. Chloe Q says:

    I learned loads about alcohl and I like the flipped learning and makeing the leflets. Also I think that Lower Juniors and year one and two was very good too.

  31. Grace B says:

    Health Week was so fun i learnt that aerobic exercises are very good for you. A few examples of an aerobic exercise would be running, skipping and running.impressed!!:-)

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